Felicia von Zweigbergk

Works on Paper

Co-runs Butcher's Tears + Lost Property

Noise and vocals @ Palaces

Tutor in Graphic Design, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
N.B. Images are selected and scanned from a collection of sketchbooks, kept from 2006 until present. Image reproduction is therefore determined by tonal variation in paper stock (by different levels of light exposure), in line to other paper colourisation shifts, i.e. from bright white, to off white, to grey to cream etc.

Felt-tip pen, board marker pen, graphite pencil and watercolour on paper

No. 1–182: 8' × 11'
No. 183–200: 11' × 14'


Image Editing/Design:
Scott Joseph

Further Information

Treated As If Just A Number
One / Two
No Reply
Composition I
Composition II
Land / Sky
Mark / Note I
The Shadow Of The Night / Arms Of The Supremes
My Darling
It Takes Two Babe - It Takes One To Know One
Life Is Boring For Many People
Nerve Endings
Most People Have Few Friends
Broken Bar
'What's That?' He Said. He Is Deaf In One Ear.
Eyes Without A Face
Irls Like Us (G)host
The Word Is Out
Rembrant Was Blind, I'm Not
Brut - 25c
This Is The Shape Of Your Identity
Composition III
Composition IV
Cocaine Pig
Illustration I
Don't Stress The Little Things
Please Don't Tell Me The Truth This Time
What Does Not Lie In Any Thought, Lies In A Thing
We Met At A Party
Vagina Eye
Simply Not Lookin At' Cha
System Krasch
Goodnight All Sides—Frown, Smile, Sing!
I Love You (Vincent)
I Couldn't Make It
Moral Nose Against The Eye
Composition V
We... Lovers In The Day
Composition VI
Too Much Future
The Definition Of Form
Figure 0
Passive / Active
Mall Entrance
Game Room, Please... Do Not Crowd
Coin Slot, Bonus Hole
It Didn't Take Long
Composition VII
When The Minitures Become Increasingly Large
Sleep Gunner
Live! To Be Reborn Is Rock
Leave It Standing, I'll Do Them Later
Composition VIII
Anal Envy
Composition IX
There Was A Bad Cop
Scary Light From Light Years Away, And Ago
The Home Of Easy Credit
Composition X
She Waited In The Background For Him
Newer Times Children, New Train Of Thought
Cast Of The Same Case
Illustration II
Someone Is Laughing Louder Than You
I Suggest Space
Fuck The World
In The Middle Of This House...
Nurse Holes
Composition XI
Pain Screen
I Was The First One Out
Drugs, Television, Crime, Garbage } She
Weird Stuff On TV
On Point
Trapped Butterfly Dance
Illustration III
Bearing, Blazing, Fierce, Irate and Raw
Madness, Death, Deceit
Hair Falls Out, Ears Stop
Severe Harm To The Interests Of The Lovers
Composition XIII
Composition XIII
A Police In Danceland
Fantastic. Looking For A Friend?
Once A Week Something
Co-operation Of The Authorities
Run Away Forever, Night Time Whisper
Inside A Silent Mind - My Minds Eye
Drama - Welcome Home - Ain't No Such Thing
Once The Needle Goes In It Never Comes Out
Sunning Herself In His Masters Voice
Devastation (Ad Omnia Paratus)
You Kissed On Me
Tresspasser And Broken Bride
One Woman Cult (My Brain Hurts)
Go To Hell, Ladies First
The Vagina Of The People
Deep Rooted Problem:
And In Invisible Writing It Said: Do Not Enter
I Don't Even Like Money But I Need A Rise
Nobody Solves Any Fucking Crime
Playing For A Love You'll Never Find
Outside Making A Phonecall
Ultra Modern Concerto
Down To Earth...
I Am Tough, But I'm No Cookie
The Area Is Sterile
For Next Lesson I Want You To Read The Bible
The Thrill Is Gone
Illustration IV
Illustration V
Pain Killer
Illustration VI
Go Lucky
All Apetite, No Taste
Not A Cult, A Secret
Raw Rower, I Love Hospitals
Real Porn - Cross Fire And Snow
Bad Brain
When The Street Lights Go On
You Go To Jail, You Go To Rehab, Or You Die
Very Used Car
Hair For Tears
The Hope Self Thought / Taught Painters
Motor Mouth
Friction Kills
Bag Of Tears
Illustration VII
Illustration VIII
Moon Work
Illustration IX
Move Along
There Is A Doctrine...
Illustration X
Cry Now, Laugh Later
Your Emergency
Illustration XI
Illustration XI
Weapons Of Opportunity
Fake A Baby Dot Come
World Order + Wool Star Carpet
Composition XIV
Composition XV
Paranoia I
Paranoia II
Paranoia III
Why Will You Not Stay With Someone?
A Single, Isolated Mental State
Advertisement For A Perfect Bitch
Practical Reasoning Means Ends Reasoning
Composition XVI
High Five
Poor Pretentious Soldier
My Pride Need Your Arm
Talk To Them And They'll Listen
Composition XVII
Composition XVIII
In Dead Langauges I'll Tell You My Secrets
Me, You, Her or Them
Palm Reading
A Fragment Of Despair
Sympathetic Identification
Practical Fiction
Illustration XII
Our Magic Bedroom, Who Are Our Friends?
Communication Music Linguist
A Sex Club That Never Closes
Goodnight All Sides
No 'There' There
Take Your Face To The Face Down
Axonometric Drawing
The Shadow Of Your Shirt
Time Can't Fly
Slow TV / Back Alley Wild Cats
Weird Tragedy
Transparent Powers
I've Told Teachers Where To Go
Composition XIX
The Hand
Illustration XIII
Illustration XIV
Here's Your Fuck
Comes Back—Doesn't
La La Land
Illustration XV
Have You The Ring

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